Employment conditions


The Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) is an international set of rules that primarily addresses the individual countries, which may have very different traditions with regard to how the regulation is implemented nationally. The convention can be downloaded below.

At the Maritime Conference in 2006, the United Nations International Labor Organization (ILO) adopted the Convention on the Working Conditions of Seafarers, better known as the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC). The convention aims to create a single, coherent instrument that includes all modern requirements for seafarers' working conditions, and it especially entails new requirements for the shipping nations that do not meet the normal quality requirements.

The convention – which entered into force on 20 August 2013 – entails, among other things, that all ships must be in possession of a Maritime Labor Certificate. Danske Rederier, in close collaboration with the members, has prepared a tool that can facilitate the shipping companies' MLC certification. This work was completed in March 2013 with the publication of Danske Rederier's MLC manual.

The manual can be downloaded below in two versions - with or without appendices.

MLC Manual

MLC manual with appendix (zip file)