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Danish Shipping publishes a wide range of key figures and statistics about Danish shipping. Below, you can read our latest analyses of the shipping industry, which are regularly published. Further down, you can delve into our extensive selection of tables, figures, and facts. You can, among other things, see who owns the world's largest merchant fleet, which routes are the largest, and how many people are employed in Danish maritime shipping.

Knowledge bank - A sea of data

Danish Shipping continuously updates figures and the labor market, the merchant fleet, rates, and much more.

Commercial data

  • Monitor the development of global freight rates, port activity, and freight volumes

New construction and ship breaking

  • Monitor the development of newbuildings and recycling of Danish and foreign ships

Merchant fleet

  • Monitor the development of the global merchant fleet, segmented by countries and sectors

World trade

  • Monitor the development of the global economy and see the areas to which Danish shipping companies export


  • Monitor the employment trends within Danish shipping companies, including the number of seafarers and shore-based employees

Denmark's largest export industry

Shipping is by far Denmark's largest export industry. Last year we broke all records and exported more than DKK 530 billion. A large part of the increase is due to the abnormally high freight rates we saw after corona.

Takes up more than a quarter

In 2022, Danish shipping accounted for no less than 27 percent of Denmark's total exports.

Maritime strongholds (Danish)

A review of the importance of Blue Denmark for the Danish economy in collaboration with Danish Maritime, Danske Ports and Danish Shipping- and Ports.

Maritime Højborge (pdf)

Renewable energy for PtX fuels in shipping (Danish)

Teknisk rapport for Danish Shipping and Green Power Denmark

PtX studie (pdf)