International shipping policy

Trade Policy

Shipping is Denmark's most globalized industry. Two-thirds of the shipping companies' revenue comes from sailing outside of Europe, with the United States, China, Japan, and Africa being the largest markets.

Healthy competition worldwide is the foundation for an in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly operating shipping industry like the Danish one. Therefore, we work towards maximizing international trade and ensuring fair competition, so that Danish shipping's global activities and growth are sustained.

Therefore, we strive to maintain continued international market access and fair competition, ensuring that Danish shipping's global activities and growth are sustained.

The European Commission understands the unique global nature of shipping and the need for international solutions. In several instances, the EU has contributed to opening markets and preventing restrictive measures. Danish Shipping supports a progressive European trade policy aimed at strengthening trade with the international community.

Danish Shipping also seeks to actively influence trade policy through organizations such as the OECD and ICC, international shipping organizations such as ICS and ECSA, and through bilateral dialogue with national shipping organizations. The goal is to maintain as much international trade as possible and counteract unfair protectionist and trade-damaging measures.