International shipping policy
Global conditions

Shipping, briefly explained

Denmark is one of the world's leading maritime nations. Danish shipping companies sail growth, prosperity, and welfare to the ends of the earth and back home. In doing so, they ensure a surplus in the Danish balance of payments.

Danish Shipping creates value 

Shipping is the backbone of globalization and promotes growth and development worldwide. The shipping industry is the engine of the 'Blue Denmark', creating nearly 100,000 jobs across the country.

Danish Shipping takes responsibility

Denmark is known for quality shipping based on responsibility, high standards, and fair working conditions, regardless of nationality. We strive to continuously reduce our impact on climate and the environment and to ensure global regulation that benefits the environment. In collaboration with organizations and governments, we work to combat corruption, fraud, and piracy.

Danish Shipping is global

Danish Shipping has the entire world as its workplace and marketplace. More than two-thirds of the shipping companies' activities take place outside of Europe. To achieve success, Danish shipping companies must be more skilled and efficient than their international competitors. Free and fair access to global markets, as well as stable and competitive framework conditions, are crucial for the success of the shipping companies.