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Navigating Europe’s Future: Danish Shipping’s Top Priorities for the New European Parliament

From June 6th to 9th, Europeans will head to the polls to elect the par­li­a­men­ta­ri­ans who will sit in the European Parliament for the next five years. Danish Shipping urge candidates and members of the Parliament to focus on the green transition of shipping, active trade and industrial policy, and maritime security.

For centuries, shipping has been crucial for Europe. It connects us to the wider world and has been a source of growth and employment. Today, the EU plays a significant role for businesses, European citizens, and the shipping industry. Open markets, common rules, and trade cooperation create growth and prosperity. The EU should speak with a louder voice in the world.

Thus, the upcoming European Parliament election in June is very important.

From the perspective of Danish Shipping, MEPs should particularly focus on the green transition, trade and industrial policy, and security. These are crucial areas for shipping. Our top priorities for the European Parliament in the coming years under these headings are:

Green Transition

The EU should lead the green transition in shipping. We have an ambitious global goal for shipping to become climate-neutral by around 2050. It is crucial to ensure that there are enough alternative, green fuels available for ships.

It is also important to ensure that the processing time for expanding renewable energy projects is reduced. Unnecessary bureaucracy should not hinder the green transition and the production of the green energy our society desperately needs.

“Shipping is well on its way to becoming green. But it requires large amounts of green fuels, which do not exist today, to complete the green transition in shipping. This will require major investments across the entire value chain and production apparatus, and close cooperation between companies, authorities, and organizations. And here, it is crucial that the EU leads, and the European Parliament pushes,” said Anne H. Steffensen, CEO of Danish Shipping.

Trade and Industrial Policy

In a changing world, where supply chains are under pressure and concerns about increased protectionism and regionalism are rising, the EU needs to lead an active trade and industrial policy. New necessary balances between useful trade and necessary self-sufficiency must be found. Existing trade agreements should be fully implemented, and competition-distorting state aid and other discriminatory measures should be reduced.

The European External Action Service should be strengthened, and there should be a greater focus on advising, scenario planning, and close dialogue with businesses. Shipping companies sail and trade all over the world. We need European diplomatic outposts to assist European companies in a complex and changing world.

Security and Transport

The EU should speak with a stronger voice in the world and stand more united to defend the security of Europeans.

“There are too many places where it is dangerous for our ships to sail. The Houthis' attacks on civilian shipping in the Red Sea, pirates in the Gulf of Guinea, and other waters. Addressing these challenges requires a coordinated effort by the international community. And here, EU countries should significantly bolster and coordinate their efforts to defend our seafarers and ships and the supply chains upon which global trade depends,” said Anne H. Steffensen.

Furthermore, there is an increasing need for the EU and member states to implement effective measures to combat organized crime, including drug smuggling through European ports.

Finally, it is also worth highlighting that the EU can play an important role in ensuring better interplay between different modes of transport. Short-sea shipping is an important part of the puzzle that constitutes the green transition in the transport sector.

The election to the European Parliament is important. Use your vote!

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