Employment conditions

Collective bargaining agreements

The vast majority of work functions on Danish ships and offshore platforms are covered by collective agreements, and the industry is characterized by a relatively high degree of organization on both the employer's and employee's side.

Danish Shipping enters into collective bargaining agreements that apply either to ships registered in the Danish Ship Register (DS) or to ships registered in the Danish International Ship Register (DIS). Additionally, Danish Shipping enters into collective bargaining agreements for offshore installation facilities on the Danish continental shelf.

For ships registered in DIS, collective bargaining agreements have been made with both Danish and foreign labor organizations. For example, DIS agreements with Filipino and Indian labor organizations.

These collective bargaining agreements apply to seafarers who are residents of the mentioned countries. DIS collective bargaining agreements are referred to as net wage collective bargaining agreements, where the salary is negotiated with consideration for the fact that neither tax nor social security contributions are to be paid on it.

Collective bargaining agreements made under the auspices of Danske Rederier are typically standard salary agreements with fixed wage rates that apply throughout the duration of the agreement.

In connection with Danske Rederier's main agreements, individual members can enter into special collective bargaining agreements or local agreements that deviate from or complement the provisions of the main collective bargaining agreements.

Collective bargaining agreements have been made for both officers and non-commissioned personnel. Officer collective bargaining agreements cover chief engineers, navigators, electricians, engine assistants, and chief stewards, while non-commissioned agreements encompass ship assistants, sailors, engine operators, as well as other restaurant and service personnel. In recent years, the opportunity has been opened to employ officers under a framework agreement with individually negotiated salaries.