Danish Maritime Legislation for Foreign Senior Officers

Foreign senior officers obtain the necessary knowledge about Danish maritime legislation to work on board Danish vessels.


Foreign senior officers obtain the necessary knowledge about Danish maritime legislation to work on board Danish vessels, cf. the educational requirements of the training programme for courses in Danish shipping legislation for foreign senior officers except masters (version 2.0 of 1 March 2009). The relevant Danish maritime legislations, regulations and stipulations are covered during the course.

The course is either combined with an Occupational Safety & Health §16 course, which is required to attend our Danish Maritime Legislation course, or it is run as an upgrading course for officers who have already completed the §16 course.


Foreign senior officers (chief officer or chief engineer/1st engineer) who are going to serve on board Danish ships.

The participant must fulfill the qualifications to apply for Danish recognition of foreign certificates as senior navigator or engineer.


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Day 1

The safety organisation


Consolidated act no 903

Accidents, injuries and near misses

Day 2

5 groups of exposures

Workplace instructions and risk assessments

National rules for smoking

Psychological exposures


Day 3

The performance of work

Problem-solving model

The Seafarers’ Condition of Employment Act

Instruction of Seafarers when signing on a ship

Safety of Life at Sea

Extract of Maritime Legislation

General Terms and Conditions


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Course information:

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  • DML for foreign masters (3 days) costs 6.500 DKK + VAT/participant

Non-members’ price:

  • Safety & Health (3 days) costs 5.200 DKK+ VAT/participant
  • DML for senior officers (1 day) costs 2.300 DKK. + VAT/Participant
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Course certificate:

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Reissuance of certificate:

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