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The Diversity Award 2024

The Diversity Award is open for nominations, and we are seeking candidates.

For the third year in a row, the Diversity Award is being presented to a member of Danish Shipping or Danish Ferry Association who has done something exceptional to create new knowledge or initiatives within DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) in the company or the shipping industry. Both individuals within the shipping companies and the companies themselves can be nominated for doing something special to focus on DEI within the shipping company or in the shipping industry.


What criteria are emphasized?

At the selection, emphasis is placed on whether the nominated person or shipping company has created a change either in the industry or locally in the shipping company within at least one of the fields of DEI for example by:

-        Creating a new initiative suitable for promoting DEI by actively using new knowledge or practice

-        Working actively to promote the DEI mindset among employees, management and partners and thus appear as a good company ambassador who can a be role model for others.

At the selection, special emphasis will be on the actual impact the initiative has had or could have on the employees’ wellbeing, recognition, and inclusiveness towards colleagues or in relation to the shipping company’s objectives within the fields of DEI.

What should the nomination include?

·       Who is being nominated?

The rationale for the nomination should include:

·       A brief description of either the individual/team or the initiative.

·       Description of the work on DEI, and possibly the results.

·       Status of the work; How far along are they, etc.?

·       Contact information for the nominated shipping company, as well as contact information for the nominator.

The deadline for nominations is May 31, 2024, and they should be sent to Danish Shipping’s department for Employment Conditions, Recruitment and Training to Anne Panknin Kristensen by email with the following text in subject line: “Nomination for the DEI award 2024”.

In early June, the three nominees will be announced.


The winner is selected based on the nominations by an assessment jury consisting of 4 external members and one internal member:

-        Professional leader at SEA HEALTH AND WELFARE Torsten Mathias Augustsen

-        Director for Employment Conditions, Recruitment and Training Anne Windfeldt Trolle

-        Head of Organisational Performance and Development, Welltec, Anja Rose

-        Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School Dr. Poornima Luthra

-        CEO, Halcyon Recruitment and Founder, Diversity Study Group, Heidi Heseltine

-        Chartering Manager, Clipper Group, and Co-Founder of Women in Shipping Denmark, Neele Pawlowski