Education and Training Initiatives

Danish shipping companies and The Blue Denmark as a whole require well-educated employees with the right skills and competencies.

As a result of this, Danish Shipping is actively engaged in education policy and the development of maritime education within the sector.

To increase interest in maritime education, Danish Shipping has launched the World Careers campaign. This campaign aims to raise awareness about career opportunities in The Blue Denmark among young students in primary schools, as well as in high schools and vocational education programs. Additionally, Danish Shipping offers an international shipping program called "The Commercial Shipping Program - Danish Shipping Education", organized at the Danish Shipping Academy.

In addition to attracting young talent, it is important to prepare current employees in Danish shipping companies for the future maritime labor market. This is achieved through various initiatives, including the §16 occupational health and safety courses offered by the Danish Shipping Academy, as well as courses on Danish maritime legislation and employment law.

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