Danish Shipping

The Danish Ferry Association

The Danish Ferry Association is a trade and employers' organization founded in 1978, acting as a rallying point for members which include a variety of Danish ferry companies as well as associated members.

Every minute a ferry arrives at or departs from a Danish port. This is evidence of the fact that Danish ferry services are absolutely essential for transport cohesion in Denmark. In 2022 alone, Danish ferries were responsible for transporting 29,859,000 passengers, 9,925,741 cars and 1,636,765 trucks between the mainland and the islands and abroad.

The Danish Ferry Association is working hard and purposefully to convert the Danish ferries to a greener profile. Scandlines has ordered a new large electric ferry for Rødby-Puttgarden, while ØRESUNDSLINJEN has the largest battery pack ever installed on a ferry, and Molslinjen will continue to electrify their routes, e.g. between Bøjden - Fynshav and Kalundborg - Samsø.